Wieldy Construction '20
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Wieldy Construction '20

Whole House Remodel

PRO Remodeler: Barbara Butaeva
OR CCB#228631

Project Description

The home owners fell in love with the original layout and overall design style of the house. The property is beautifully fitted in the surroundings, the hilly part of Lake Oswego, with its expansive views and little vineyards.

The house is built in Mediterranean style in the 70s, what was needed is to bring it to the modern time. The goal of the remodel was to combine old world feel and contemporary elements – upgrade light fixtures and appliances, create contemporary design, update cabinets, countertops, staircases and light fixtures. Customer love for nature and natural materials resulted in a warm and inviting design that includes warm wood tones, beautiful marble and craftsmen plaster work on the ceiling and walls.

Two huge back windows and covered porch are open to the outdoors and forest area; seven skylights and four large windows maximize natural lighting. Lower floor features an entertainment area and sunroom.

This custom home tested the builder’s ability to deliver a complex, cutting-edge design and robust and reliable implementation. All walls on the main level are removed, combination of two large beams support the new ceiling structure. Interior arches in the kitchen repeat the outside arches of the colonnade. Wrought iron balusters echo wrought iron fences outside. Stucco exterior is paralleled by Venetian plaster inside. Bathrooms in the whole house are finished in waterproof plaster that can withstand water and is used instead of tile. Spacious kitchen comes with sprawling counter spaces, inventive storage areas and all the bells and whistles of custom cabinetry.

The newly redesigned area is a versatile space that serves the owners needs to live, work and play. The space adapts well to the needs of the family and accommodates family gatherings and entertainment.


Wieldy Construction

Wieldy construction is a women-owned remodeling company. We pride ourselves on offering sound advice, tasteful design concepts, and quality construction. We work with your style and preferences to create captivating and comfortable design, a home that suits your unique needs and your budget.

Barbara Butaeva, company owner and general contractor has been remodeling homes for over 10 years, she has a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Design and a Master’s degree in Psychology.

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