C&K Custom Remodeling Inc. '20
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C&K Custom Remodeling Inc. '20

Whole House Remodel
Remodeler: PRO Lloyd Martindale
503-736-6335 | lloyd@503remodel.com
CCB #212143

Remodel Project Details

Nestled in the Bronson Creek Estates, our client purchased with a major remodel in mind. They wanted this to be a home they could live in long term, ready for a growing family, as well as adding an in-law suite to accommodate parents in the future. The remodel was a whole-home renovation that included the kitchen with custom cabinets and beautiful new appliances, two living rooms, a formal dining room, an office, an in-law suite, and five bathrooms.

The kitchen was dated with gingerbread styling, a layout that did not flow well, and out of style finishes. We needed to add a feeling of more space, flow, and luxury while staying within the existing square footage.

The in-law suite took an existing space and carved out a living space that combines beautiful styling with functional space saving features. The space now includes a small laundry, an amazingly cozy bedroom with en-suite bathroom, and a living room with built-in custom cabinets that add tons of storage.

One of the major changes was to eliminate all of the heavy texturing through-out to bring in a more modern feel with a clean looking smooth wall finish. We removed all of the millwork through-out and replaced it with a more modern look bringing in clean lines and a new feel.

The two living rooms each had outdated fireplaces that were completely re-designed and cladded with natural stone and new gas fireplaces to complete the modern motif.

The entry was re-imagined to become a welcoming invitation to guests into both the formal and casual living rooms, the home office, and the formal dining room, with a new door and side lights, new lighting, and beautiful paint throughout.

We converted a basic garage to be pottery studio ready by adding custom cabinetry, upgraded electrical, and a beautiful epoxy garage floor. We enclosed the furnace and hot water heater and added a whole home water filtration system here as well.

C&K Custom Remodeling Inc.

At C&K Custom Remodeling inc. we are constantly striving to push envelope with timeless designs and forward thinking remodeling projects. Every detail is discussed, debated, and decided with client satisfaction, aesthetics, and functionality in mind.
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